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Family owned, based out of Chesterfield, MI offering Lawn Maintenance, Landscaping, & Residential / Commercial Snow Plowing in Macomb county and surrounding areas.

Lawn Maintenance Calculator

Follow the step by step process below to get the size of your property and input the square footage of your property below in the "Square Footage" area.

**Estimates are subject to change without notice, and are based on property size, length of grass, and time expected to complete service. **

Mowing Frequency Price
Overgrown Pricing Price
6-12 inches
12-18 inches
18-24 inches

Getting Measurements Of Property

Input address

At the top of the map input your address including street name, city, and zip code and click enter.

Input Address

Map Out Property

Once you have searched your address, click on the polygon tool [Square Icon] to start mapping on your property. Click on the outsides of your property making a box shape to get an accurate measurement of your lawn. Zoom in if needed to get a better measurement. Once the property is outlined, complete the outline by clicking on the first pin that was placed. If you would like to make further adjustments, you can click on a pin and move it to the correct area.

Additional Areas

Some properties may require additional areas to be mapped out. If you require additional areas to be mapped, once you are finished with the first area, click on the square polygon tool and start placing pins in the next area and repeat the process listed above.

Lawn Calculator

Once you have the outline(s) of the property, take the square footage of the property and put it into the Lawn Service Calculator above. This will provide you with an estimate of what we charge for lawn service.